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Career Advice Round-up for the week of 12-14-20

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Curated career advice from around the web for December 14th, 2020…

How To Answer The 7 Most Important Job Interview Questions

You’ve finally landed an interview for your dream job. It’s Thursday at 9PM, and in 12 hours, you’ll be talking to the hiring manager. But right now, you’re stuck nervously refreshing the “Mission” page on the company website. How can you prepare yourself? Well, to start with, give yourself a major “congratulations.”

‘Should I ask for a raise right now?’ A career expert on how to call the shots-and what to say to ‘no’

As a career coach, one question I’ve been frequently asked is, “Should I ask for a raise right now?” With so many companies struggling to stay financially afloat during Covid-19, asking for a higher salary might seem like a discussion best saved for later.

What Should You Do if You’re Asked to Complete Free Work for a Job Interview?

Few people are as knee-deep in our work-related anxieties and sticky office politics as Alison Green, who has been fielding workplace questions for a decade now on her website Ask a Manager. In Direct Report , she spotlights themes from her inbox that help explain the modern workplace and how we could be navigating it better.

10 Questions You Should Ask During an Interview

$300 weekly unemployment checks: On the chopping block or here to stay?

By Dec. 31, federal unemployment insurance will lapse, leaving tens of millions of Americans who are out of work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic without an income if their state hasn’t stepped in to close the breach.

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