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Here is the career advice round-up for the week of January 2nd…


Five Unexpected Career Resolutions You Should Make In 2018

The New Year is coming, and you’re making a list of resolutions. And if you’ve got a few related to your career, you might want to consider ditching the typical to-dos and adopting these more unconventional resolutions instead. If you’re shooting for a raise or promotion next year, you might be thinking about putting in longer hours to prove your worth.


Help Recruiters Find You: – Style Portfolios

A lot of jobs are never published by hiring companies. Instead, recruiters search resume databases to find candidates for these positions. Optimizing your online profile with (and other sites) will go a long way in helping recruiters find you for…


Fake It ‘Til You Make It: A Lesson in Work Ethic

Occasionally it happens. You start a new job, only to realize it’s not what you had hoped. Perhaps the job was oversold by the employer, or it’s a new role you thought you would enjoy more. Or maybe you just weren’t in a financial position to turn down the job offer.


How to Highlight Your Talents in a Job Interview Without Showing Off

Executive Summary In a perfect world, job interviewers would be able to gauge your talents with great accuracy, so that you wouldn’t need to engage in any form of boasting or self-promotion. But research suggests that’s far from the case.

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