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Best Practices – March 5th, 2018

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Here is the Recruiter Newsletter Best Practices round-up for March 5th, 2018:

Nine Ways To Help Employees Adapt To New Company Technology

Implementing a new company-wide tech tool can be a huge HR challenge. Not only do you have to organize the time and materials for proper employee training, you also have to check in to make sure everyone “gets it” – and if they don’t, you need to work with them until they do.

How to Build Collaboration Into Your Company Culture

Collaboration and idea-sharing is the name of the game for most businesses today. Organizations have realized that this is key to innovation and success.

Adopt Same-Day Hiring or Lose Your Top Candidates With Multiple Offers – Dr John Sullivan

As seen on ERE Media, February 12, 2018. Heads up: you are probably unwittingly damaging your firm’s hiring results. Slow hiring during periods of record low employment means that top candidates will be gone long before you make an offer. In fact, a CareerBuilder 2012 survey revealed that even when the unemployment rate was double …

3 email tips that can boost your chances of getting a response

Boomerang CEO Alex Moore shares the top mistakes his team found users of their app making when constructing emails.

Make It Easy For Applicants – StyleDispatch

Could your application instructions be limiting candidate response? Could your Applicant Tracking System be a reason you aren’t getting the best candidates? At we have always been big proponents of making the application process as simple as possible for job seekers. This is particularly true for the strategic and hard-to-fill positions that our site …

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