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Best Practices – February 5th, 2018

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Here is the Recruiter Newsletter Best Practices round-up for February 5th, 2018:

The Management Formula Every Leader Should Know (In One Easy Chart)

For years, one of my VPs always got the highest employee-review score of any manager in my company. The second-highest score usually went to one of the direct reports he’d personally trained. I recently discovered the unexpected reason why, and it all boils down to a relatively simple formula that’s nonetheless easy for managers to miss.

Women at Work: Make Yourself Heard

In this special episode, HBR IdeaCast host Sarah Green Carmichael introduces Harvard Business Review’s new podcast “Women at Work,” about women’s experiences in the workplace. This episode about being heard tackles three aspects of communication: first, how and why women’s speech patterns differ from men’s; second, how women can be more assertive in meetings; and third, how women can deal with interrupters (since the science shows women get interrupted more often than men do).

Ten Questions A Manager Can Never, Ever Ask An Employee

Dear Liz, I’m a new manager. I was a Team Leader in my previous job but now I’m a full manager and I’m struggling. I’m not sure how to build rapport with my employees. There are six people on my team. Some of them are older than I am.

6 Ways to Recognise a Great CV in Two Minutes

In a sea of mediocre-to-good applications, it’s important to be able to recognise the great CVs quickly. A great CV is one that compels you to call them immediately, or at the very least, leave you in no doubt that you should be putting them in the “yes” pile.

How Job Listing Branding Impacts Applications – StyleDispatch recently conducted a survey of roughly 2000 fashion industry professionals on their job search habits. This post deals with company branding and how it impacts candidate applications. To get a better handle on how employment branding impacts candidate applications, we asked the following question: How likely are you to apply to job listings that DO …

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