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Got a few minutes to kill? Why not look for a job on your mobile phone?

The new version of is mobile-optimized and ready for use with your smartphone or tablet. Not only can you search and view job listings from your phone, you can apply to them too!

There are two main ways to apply to a job listing on using your mobile device, with a profile and without.



The easiest way to apply to job listings on the new is to submit one of the resumes associated with your online profile.  Since the new version of the site allows job seekers to store multiple resumes, you can create and upload specialized versions of your resume to use with specific types of jobs.

In this example, the user hits the APPLY button on a job listing and is taken to this screen.  The user then selects one of the resumes she has saved to her profile and hits the SUBMIT button.  It is that easy.





For candidates who do not have a profile on, the application process is just as simple BUT a little pre-application work is involved.

First, the user needs to upload his/her resume to a cloud service like Dropbox, iCloud or OneDrive.  It is important to note that the new will only accept files 5MB or smaller.

Second, the user searches for job listings on the new from their mobile device and hits the APPLY button.

Third, upon hitting APPLY, the user is taken to the application form and is prompted to enter his/her name, email address and resume from the cloud.  Upon hitting SUBMIT, the user’s information and resume is sent to the advertiser.




Users who do not use iCloud can hit the MORE tab to see other cloud services installed on their mobile device.  Please note, you must have a cloud account prior to uploading a resume.




In summary, applying to jobs from your mobile device on the new is super-easy and even easier, if you have a profile.


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