7 Items to Remove from Your Resume

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You have less than 30 seconds to impress a recruiter with your resume; basically, the first third of the page. With that in mind, it is important to get rid of any information that doesn’t help you get an interview. Start by deleting these 7 things from your resume…


    If you are applying to a job, the recruiter probably already knows your objective is to get that job or one like it, right?

    Instead of a cliche-riddled, word salad, opt for a Summary Statement that emphasizes value instead.

      OLD JOBS

      Any position older than 10-15 years can be removed from your resume. If you feel this information needs to be included, create a section called Previous Employment and list Company Names, Job Titles and Years of Employment; one on each line.


        Believe it or not, some people still include a mobile number AND a landline. No need to confuse the situation, one phone number is all you need.

          PRONOUNS (not those pronouns)

          Resumes should be written in first-person implied format. Refrain from using first person pronouns like I, me, my, we or our.

          Sidenote: If you want to include your preferred pronouns, put those in parentheses next to your name.


            If you are applying to a cycling apparel design position and you are an avid cyclist, including that hobby is relelevant. If you are applying to a tailored sportswear design position, being an avid cyclist IS NOT relevant. Any hobby or interest that does not help you get the job, is not needed on your resume.

              MAILING ADDRESS

              When it comes to your address, city and state are enough. Providing more than that opens you up to identity theft scams and takes up valuable real estate on your resume.


                Unless you live in St Louis, no one cares where you went to High School.

                With the new year job search season less than a month a way, NOW is the time to polish your resume and update your online profile on

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