7 Interview Tips for Older Job Seekers

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Finding suitable employment can be challenging for older jobseekers, as unconscious bias and age-related discrimination persist in the fashion industry. However, with a few effective interview strategies, older individuals can increase their chances of securing remote work or any other job opportunity. Here are some valuable tips to help you ace your interviews:

Tailor Your Resume
Having an updated resume is crucial to getting an interview. While you may have ample experience in drafting resumes, it’s essential to emphasize skills and achievements relevant to remote jobs. Start by including a dedicated skills section, focusing on software and technological proficiencies that are currently in use. Avoid listing outdated programs and instead highlight remote-related skills such as proficiency in Microsoft Office, experience with social media platforms, job-specific software knowledge (e.g., Adobe Creative Cloud, Quickbooks), and more. Additionally, incorporate soft skills that set you apart, such as being detail-oriented, adaptable, a critical thinker, problem-solver, organized, and persuasive. During the interview, emphasize situations where you applied these skills effectively.

Make a Memorable First Impression
As the saying goes, first impressions matter. As an older jobseeker, it’s essential to create a lasting positive impression. Consider the following aspects:

Attire (choose appropriate colors and styles)
Background (for virtual interviews)
Body language
Engage in pre-interview banter by discussing relatable topics like the weather or current events that may resonate with younger interviewers.

Prepare Thoroughly
Avoid answering questions about retirement plans when asked about your future aspirations. Instead, convey enthusiasm and a youthful mindset. Prioritize interview preparation by gaining in-depth knowledge about the company, its goals, and how you can contribute. Address concerns about shifting to a job with less responsibility, any gaps in employment, and your willingness to work with younger colleagues or managers. Conduct mock interviews with friends or family members to gain confidence, particularly if you are new to remote job applications.

Showcase Your Experience and Innovation
Highlighting your experience and innovative thinking can give you an edge over younger applicants. Prepare a portfolio that showcases instances where you utilized your expertise and innovation to overcome challenges, meet deadlines, and achieve company goals. Emphasize how your experience translates into effective problem-solving, even in modern contexts. Ensure your interviewer recognizes the value of your seasoned approach.

Enhance Your Tech Skills
If you lack familiarity with tools like Slack, Asana, Zoom, or Google Meet, dedicate time to practice using them. Enlist the help of friends, family members, or colleagues to navigate video-conferencing software. Sign up for accounts, explore tutorials, and familiarize yourself with these collaboration tools. Look for relevant skills in the job description and ensure you are proficient in them.

Exhibit Confidence
Confidence is a universally valued trait in interviews. Despite competing against younger candidates, exude confidence and positivity. Smile, maintain an upbeat demeanor, and highlight how your experience combined with the fresh perspectives of others can create an unstoppable synergy. Counter any preconceived notions by showcasing your willingness to work harmoniously with individuals from different generations.

Seek Support When Needed
Transitioning into the remote workforce can be overwhelming, especially if you feel unfamiliar with the technologies and norms. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from a job coach or career counselor. Organizations like Virtual Vocations provide valuable resources, encouragement, and advice to help you improve your online presence and succeed in your job search.

Trust in your abilities and the unique experiences you bring to the table. With adequate preparation, a positive mindset, and a focus on the future, you have the potential to excel in interviews. Remember, the key is to make the interviewer believe in your capabilities, just as you already do.

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