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Worklife Round-up for June 18th, 2018

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This week we have articles on what HR doesn’t want you to know, paying your dues, employment gaps, how to quit your job, advice for 20-somethings, and the impact of retail/temp work on your job search.


10 Things HR Doesn’t Want You to Know (but I’ll Tell You)

When it comes to human resources and recruiting, some companies have best practices they don’t necessarily want to bring to your attention. But as a professional, you should probably know these secrets about HR.


The Importance of Paying Your Dues | The Art of Manliness

As a member of a Generation Y, I’m always on the look out for articles about people my age. While many sociologists and employers have very positive things to say about my generation, they also make critiques.


Do Long Gaps in Employment Hurt Your Chances of Getting a Job?

If there’s an upshot to high unemployment, it’s that job recruiters and hiring managers may be more forgiving when they consider a candidate who’s been out of work for a long period. That said, long gaps in your employment background might or might not hurt your chances of getting a job.


The Biggest Mistakes 20-Something Job Seekers Make

There was the young job seeker who showed up at his interview 15 minutes late, failed to apologize, and then asked if the interviewer had a garbage can so he could throw away his gum. There was also the 20-something applicant whose call to the hiring manager went dead in […]


Will Temp and Retail Jobs Hurt My Chances at a Real Career?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m having trouble finding work. I’ve had experience after graduation in my field with several temporary jobs. One year I hit a snag and was out of work, and lately I’ve been taking part-time retail jobs to make ends meet. Is retail hurting my chances more than being self-employed with future employers?


How to Quit Your Job in 2018

Get our 5-step process for quitting your job. Also includes our top 5 tips on how to quit your job in 2017 along with our top 5 things to avoid!


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