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Worklife Round-Up for April 30th, 2018

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This week we have articles on dealing with difficult bosses, interview questions, getting hired by your dream company, networking and post interview strategies…


How A Young Fashion Designer Hit $1 Million in Revenue As A Solo Entrepreneur

Growing up in a Drayton Valley-a town of 7,200 people in Alberta, Canada-Sid Neigum wasn’t exposed to many fashionistas. One of the biggest industries in the area is oil and gas. Neigum discovered how much he loved fashion serendipitously, while working in a clothing store.



How to Deal with a Difficult Boss or Co-worker – StyleDispatch

Dealing with a difficult boss or coworker is, well let’s face it, difficult. If it’s a matter of not fitting into an organization as a whole, that’s one thing, but when you genuinely like your job and the company you work for but have challenging personalities to manage, that’s another story.



Never Go to a Job Interview Unprepared for This One Question

5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You’ve gotten through the curveball questions, dodged that question about your greatest weakness, and made a decent impression overall during your interview. Just as you begin to relax, they ask what may seem to be a throwaway question, “Do you have any questions for me?”



Tips for Getting Hired By Your Dream Company

If you have a few companies in mind that you’d really like to work for, make a point of keeping them on your radar – and getting on theirs – even before you start the job application process. If you don’t have a list of companies that would be a perfect fit, take some time to create one.



5 Misconceptions About Networking

A good network keeps you informed. Teaches you new things. Makes you more innovative. Gives you a sounding board to flesh out your ideas. Helps you get things done when you’re in a hurry. And, much more (see my recent Lean In video on how networks augment your impact).



Most job search advice focuses on resume writing and interview techniques. We think that what you do after the interview is as important as everything you did to get the interview. As such, we want to share a few links that deal with what job seeker advice for after the interview…

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