Worklife Round-up – April 2, 2018

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This week we have articles on resume lies, quitting your job, steps to financial freedom, and more…



13 Simple Ways To Make Your Work Day Super Productive

You´ve read a lot of articles about how to become super productive, and it seems like a lot of work. But the BEST tips are actually SIMPLE to implement…



10 Questions Recruiters Love to Ask – StyleDispatch

This is asked primarily to recent grads, but the thinking is that you’ll be able to see what someone’s true passion is. Just because someone majored in psychology doesn’t mean they are determined to be a psychologist. They could be passionate about child development or communication.



The Resume Lie That Could Kill Your Career

If you’re applying for a job and currently unemployed, it can be tempting to conveniently omit that information from your resume. It’s a common belief that employed applicants would be more attractive to hiring committees than unemployed workers. Unfortunately, that belief has some truth to it.



4 Life-Saving Steps Towards Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the ability to live life on your terms, without worrying about how your basic needs and necessities will be met. For some, financial freedom involves a million dollars in the bank. For others, it’s just a worry-free, minimalist lifestyle.



You’re Ready to Quit, but When Should You Actually Do It?

Send your workplace conundrums to , including your name and contact information (even if you want it withheld). The Workologist is a guy with well-intentioned opinions, not a professional career adviser. Letters may be edited. I have been contemplating quitting my job for the past six months or so.

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