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Worklife Round-up for Oct 29th, 2018

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This week we have articles on lazy coworkers, career mistakes, getting a raise and privacy settings.


9 Ways to Make Returning to Work After Maternity Leave as Painless as Possible

Most moms have a lot of emotions about returning to work after having a baby-some of them conflicting. You may feel sad to leave your baby. You may feel relief to let professionals be in charge of baby care while you return to a job you have some idea how to do.


Journey to work a daily grind? How to make your commute more productive

Nearly four million of us spend two hours a day travelling to and from the office. Here’s a guide to making that time well spent


How to Explain Gaps in Your Employment Without Oversharing

When it comes to explaining an employment gap, we often say too much or too little – here’s how to provide just the right amount of details. You took some time away from your career, and that’s OK. Maybe you tended to a sick family member, catered to your kids, pursued another degree, or traveled the world.


5 Tips To Best Prepare For A Performance Review

By * December 19, 2017 Advertising Disclosure Performance reviews are very common in the workplace and occur anywhere from every three months to a year depending on your job. Performance reviews are a great way for employers to assess your work as a whole and track your progress.


11 of the best creative resumés

We all know finding work in the design industry is an extremely competitive process, even if you do have a killer design portfolio. With so many talented people around, just getting noticed is a job in itself. Designers and illustrators around the world have long been coming up with unusual creative strategies to give their resumés an edge in the hunt for employment.



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