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Worklife Round-up for Aug 6, 2018

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This week we have articles on job seeker fibs, values, work friendships and losing your temper at work.


Is the retail collapse over? Shopping mall owners think so.

Bon-Ton, Toys R Us, Sears, Claire’s, Abercrombie & Fitch and Sam’s Club are just a few of the major retailers that have shut hundreds of locations altogether this year, leaving a glut of commercial real estate on the market.


5 Ways To Overcome Nervousness, According To Science

1. Before a job interview or an important meeting Jot down three points you want to get across. “If you start worrying, focus your mind on your main points,” says Beilock. That will help keep you in the moment and give you a cheat sheet if you start to panic.


2 Reasons Why Asking About Salary in the First Interview is a Big Mistake

On Youtube, we recently shared several examples of things job seekers do in interviews that make them look desperate. I was surprised at the number of viewers who were bothered by the suggestion to never bring up salary in the interview. The main pushback was, “Why waste one another’s time if the salary and benefits aren’t a match?”


The Four Stages Of Highly Successful Freelancers

Like all professionals, agile talents want to know, “What do I need to do to be successful at attracting top clients, interesting work, and earning higher rates?”The Career Stages of development offers a helpful perspective.For individual freelancers, it describes high performance over a career.For managers or HR professionals who need freelancers, it offers a way to define the “right stuff” they are looking for, and whether the freelancer has it.For executives in the talent platform space, it provides a way to accurately matching freelancers with clients.


5 Things You Should Never Do During a Work Conflict – StyleDispatch

Minor conflicts and frustrations at the office can easily get exacerbated and colleagues don’t always handle things in the best way. But rather than let small irritations take on a life of their own, it’s best not to let office heat get you down or make you lose your cool.


How to make a decision when you get multiple job offers

Your job search and interview skills have paid off big time and you’ve now got multiple job offers in your inbox. While multiple offers sounds like a dream scenario, it can be quite stressful, especially for first-time job seekers.


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