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Please join us in welcoming these new companies (and their job listings) to StyleCareers.com!

Kobi Halperin

For the women who “celebrate getting dressed every day,” Kobi is known for his unique designs and his love for details. Deeply inspired by his Eastern European roots and heritage, Kobi’s collections are marked with a feeling of warm tradition felt in the handcrafted touch and workmanship that embody his aesthetic. 

Nora Gardner

About the brand: Effortless style and deliberate design for women on the rise.

We are the go-to wardrobe solution for professional women. Our products include wrinkle-resistant travel suiting, chic office dresses in various silhouettes, colors, and sleeve lengths, and high-performance pieces with functional pockets and antibacterial fabric. With a thoroughly trained staff of stylists who are wardrobe experts in every professional field, you can be confident knowing you’re in the best of hands. We will be by your side as you rise in your career — and here to help dress you for success every step of the way.

Human B Designer Corp

Human B is a full-service Design, Development, and Production company. We manage the complete product lifecycle for fashion brands, from sketch to finished products.

We work with key manufacturers, both domestically and offshore and produce various product categories. Our focus is on our customer’s needs, and our mission is to provide them with peace of mind from product development and production worries so they can focus on building and growing their fashion brand. 

This is a team-oriented workplace of passionate, positive, and collaborative professionals who love what they do and allow for everyone’s talents to flourish.

NTA Enterprises

NTA Enterprise: A sportswear clothing company that designs, markets and manufactures product for hunting, fishing and cold weather use. We have a full time design department in the USA, a broad sourcing network in Asia and a network of sales managers and sales reps to work with our USA and Canadian customer base.


Clic, internationally known as a decor and lifestyle source, was opened in 2008 by former stylist and Calypso founder Christiane Celle.

Beginning as a bookstore and art gallery, Clic has evolved into an expertly curated concept space featuring a collection of contemporary photography and art, books, home goods, and fashion. By partnering with artisans from all over the world, Clic’s unique and one-of-a-kind pieces elevate the everyday.

Clic has stores in New York City, East Hampton, Marin, Montecito, and St. Barth.

Chris Kidd

Chris Kidd is the owner of StyleCareers.com, StylePortfolios.com, StyleDispatch.com, FashionCareerFairs.com and FashionRetailCareers.com.