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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) play a crucial role in managing the influx of job applications received by companies. These systems act as gatekeepers, streamlining the recruitment process in the following four ways:

Data Extraction (parsing): The ATS is designed to extract pertinent information from resumes, including work experience, educational background, skillsets, and contact details. This automated process ensures that relevant candidate data is readily available for further evaluation.
Keyword Matching: Utilizing advanced algorithms, the ATS compares the candidate’s profile with the job posting, analyzing the alignment between the applicant’s qualifications, experiences, and the required job criteria. This keyword matching process helps identify candidates who potentially meet the job requirements.
Screening and Filtering: The ATS has the capability to screen and filter out resumes that fail to meet the minimum qualifications for the position. This process may also involve additional screening criteria, such as location preferences, visa requirements, and availability for the role.
Candidate Ranking: After screening and filtering, the ATS ranks the remaining resumes based on their degree of match with the job requirements. This ranking system may utilize numerical scores or percentage match calculations, allowing recruiters to prioritize the most suitable candidates for further consideration.

Of these 4 functions, Keyword Matching is where Artificial Intelligence can make the biggest impact. Why? AI’s can quickly and efficiently pull-out the most relevant keywords from job descriptions and make suggestions to job seekers on what they should include on their resume.

Note: While most of the world is using ChatGPT right now, we suggest that you use too. In the limited research we have done, is better when it comes to resume and job search content. You should however, try both to see which AI works better for you.

For this example, we used Premier Brands Group Holdings’ Senior Jewelry Designer role on


I am applying to [INSERT COMPANY NAME] for a “[INSERT JOB TITLE]” role, and they have a job description. I want you to scan through the provided job description and suggest to me [# OF KEYWORDS] keywords that I should add to my resume to receive the mercy of ATS along with their estimated impact based on the provided job description in the table. Sort the results based on their impact and give me a rating on the basis of 0-10. Here is the job description: [INSERT JOB LISTING]


Using, this is what we got…

Based on the provided job description for the “Senior Jewelry Designer, Wholesale Jewelry” role at Premier Brands Group Holdings, here are 15 relevant keywords that you should consider adding to your resume, along with their estimated impact and rating:

KeywordEstimated ImpactRating (0-10)
Jewelry DesignHigh10
Fashion JewelryHigh9
Trend AnalysisHigh9
Illustrator ProficiencyHigh9
Technical IllustrationsHigh8
Product DevelopmentHigh8
Costume Jewelry ManufacturingHigh8
Design PresentationsModerate7
Verbal CommunicationModerate6
Written CommunicationModerate6
Associate’s DegreeLow4
Bachelor’s DegreeLow4

The keywords with the highest estimated impact and rating are directly related to the core responsibilities and requirements of the role, such as “Jewelry Design,” “Fashion Jewelry,” “Trend Analysis,” “Illustrator Proficiency,” “Technical Illustrations,” “Product Development,” and “Costume Jewelry Manufacturing.”

Moderate impact keywords like “Design Presentations,” “Branding,” “Merchandising,” “Verbal Communication,” and “Written Communication” are also important as they align with the collaborative and communication aspects of the job.

Keywords with lower impact ratings, such as “Photoshop,” “Associate’s Degree,” and “Bachelor’s Degree,” are still worth including as they match the job requirements, but may not carry as much weight in the ATS scoring process.

Remember, this is just a guideline, and you should also review your own experience and qualifications to determine the most relevant keywords to include in your resume for this specific role.


Using ChatGPT, this is what we got…

Based on the provided job description, here are 15 keywords you should consider adding to your resume along with their estimated impact:

KeywordImpact (0-10)
Jewelry Design10
Trend Analysis9
Fashion Jewelry9
Product Development8
Design Presentation8
Communication Skills8
Spec Sheets8
Manufacturing Processes7
Design Execution7
Design Collaboration7
Adobe Photoshop7
Design Calendar7
Apparel Industry6
Market Analysis6

These keywords cover various aspects of the job description, from technical skills like Illustrator and Photoshop proficiency to soft skills like communication and collaboration. Make sure these keywords are naturally integrated into your resume to avoid appearing forced. Overall, incorporating these keywords should significantly improve your chances of passing through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and catching the attention of recruiters. I would rate this list’s effectiveness as 9 out of 10, given its alignment with the job description and potential to enhance your resume’s visibility.

While your resume demonstrates extensive experience in jewelry design, product development, and technical illustrations, it does not explicitly mention “Fashion Jewelry” or “Trend Analysis,” which were among the highest-rated keywords for the role you’re applying for.

Additionally, your resume does not highlight your skills in “Branding,” “Merchandising,” “Verbal Communication,” or “Written Communication,” which were identified as moderately important keywords.

Finally, while the job description mentions “Photoshop” as a desired skill, your resume does not indicate proficiency in this software.


Follow the first response with the following prompt in order to figure out which of the suggested keywords are NOT currently on your resume:

Please read my resume and suggest keywords from your list that are NOT on my resume currently. Here is my resume: [INSERT RESUME]


Continuing with, this is what we got…

Based on my review of your resume and the list of keywords I provided earlier, here are the keywords that are not currently present in your resume:

  1. Fashion Jewelry
  2. Trend Analysis
  3. Branding
  4. Merchandising
  5. Verbal Communication
  6. Written Communication
  7. Photoshop


Continuing with ChatGPT, this is what we got…

After reviewing your resume, here are the suggested keywords from the list that are not currently present on your resume:

  1. Jewelry Design
  2. Trend Analysis
  3. Fashion Jewelry
  4. Illustrator
  5. Spec Sheets
  6. Manufacturing Processes
  7. Design Execution
  8. Design Collaboration
  9. Design Calendar

These keywords align with your experience in design and product development, particularly in the fashion and accessories industry. Incorporating them into your resume can help ensure that your skills and qualifications are effectively matched with the job requirements for the Senior Jewelry Designer position at Premier Brands Group Holdings.


AI can be highly beneficial in helping job seekers optimize their resumes for applicant tracking systems (ATS) when it comes to keyword optimization.

ATS software relies heavily on identifying specific keywords related to the job requirements within resumes. AI can analyze job descriptions and identify the most relevant keywords that should be strategically included throughout a resume. This includes not only the obvious skills and qualifications but also industry-specific terminology, certifications, and other key phrases. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, AI can suggest the optimal placement and frequency of these keywords within different resume sections.

Additionally, AI can account for variations, synonyms, and different phrasing of the same skills/qualifications to comprehensively cover all potential keyword matches the ATS may be looking for. This level of keyword optimization is difficult for humans to manually accomplish effectively across multiple job applications. Overall, AI-powered keyword optimization can significantly improve a resume’s likelihood of making it through the initial ATS screening by ensuring the right relevant terminology from the job posting is properly reflected throughout the resume content.

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