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THE ROUND-UP – February 25th, 2019

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This week we have articles on taking a pay cut, accepting a counteroffer, why you aren’t getting hired, overcoming the overqualification argument and turning a temp job into a permanent one.


The Only Good Reason To Take A Pay Cut

Marcus has two job offers. He has to make a quick decision about whether to accept one of them, or turn both offers down. Both job offers involve a pay cut for Marcus. What would you do in his situation?


Should I Accept a Counter Offer? – StyleDispatch

Have you ever asked yourself “should I accept a counter offer?” While most career advice professionals will adamantly advise you against it, the honest truth is, it depends. The sad fate of those that do is often referenced in recruiting circles. 90% of them leave or are let go from the company within a year.


10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired

The process of job hunting is tough. It’s not only hard on your wallet, it’s hard on your self-esteem. When you’ve sent out dozens of resumes and landed multiple interviews, all without success, it’s hard not to get discouraged. At this point, you may start to rationalize your lack of employment by blaming outside influences: “It’s a tough market right now.”



9 Ways to Overcome Being Overqualified

Karen Burns Nothing is more frustrating than applying for a job you want and being told you’re “overqualified.” You figure that, “Hey, if I’m willing to take this work-work that my skills and experience clearly show I am more than capable of doing-then employers should be thrilled to have me.”


5 ways to turn a temp job into a permanent one

CLOSE Didn’t get that full-time offer? Take a temp job instead. It could become permanent if you do things right. If you’ve been hired for a temporary role, you should know that you’re in good company. Over a given year, nearly 15 million temporary and contract workers are hired across the U.S.



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