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Recruiter Interview – Mary Ocariza

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Tell us a little about yourself.  SD_Mary
If I had my way, I would live in constant sunshine! Unfortunately in NYC, we don’t get many of those warm sunny days, but when we do, you can always find me outside soaking up the Vitamin D.  I love Shake Shack and I know the best place to get pizza (of course, Roberta’s!). When I am not on the phone with my candidates or clients, I am rushing to my 30/60/90 class, recommending restaurants to friends or family that are visiting or taking videos of my husband sabering bottles of champagne.

How did you get into recruiting?
MO: I get asked this question all the time by my friends and new people that I meet. My foundation in recruitment was built throughout the 7 years I spent at Abercrombie & Fitch.  I was responsible for staffing my stores, recruiting new MITs so I could promote my people to their next step and was part of a leadership team that developed a recruitment and training program for all the Flagship stores opening internationally. Every day I worked alongside people that I admired, as well as people that also moved to NYC to live their dreams. It was inspiring!  Due to this experience, I was recruited to AllSaints to help with their U.S. expansion which allowed me to travel to all the major cities and build new store opening teams—what an adventure! This led into meeting Ally, the CEO of Pyramid Consulting Group, and she offered me what is now, the most rewarding role of my career. Recruiting is so multi-faceted and I have learned (& still learning!) so much here at PCG. There is never a dull day. Every day I get to meet new people, build strong relationships with candidates and clients, and help connect them with others that enhance their lives, all within an industry that I love!

Why would a fashion industry job seeker want to work with Pyramid Consulting Group?
 We are truly the industry experts! Our Recruiters come with varying experiences at different levels. Because we are so collaborative and work together so closely, we are a strong force. The experience that each candidate has with their Recruiter is special. We listen to their stories, understand what they are looking for, offer advice and recommendations, and connect them with the clients that match for mutual growth. I am fortunate to witness this several times a week with the team we have here at PCG. In addition, we have fantastic HR, Administrative and Marketing teams that are dedicated to support our freelancers, clients and Recruiters to do what they do best.


What types of fashion industry positions do you recruit for?
 Because of the relationships I have built throughout the years, I have a solid network of candidates within the retail industry, nationally. I love working on permanent retail-focused positions, but enjoy the fast-paced world of temp. I get an adrenaline rush when we get a new job order and can’t dial the number fast enough to call the perfect candidate to present the opportunity.

What should job seekers know about your job as a recruiter?
I love what I do. I found my dream job, and I want others to have this exact feeling. It’s a personal choice to work late researching companies’ best attributes, presenting opportunities, and taking the time to get to know my candidates professionally and personally. I am organized, loyal, reliable and will be honest with you. At times, our clients give us strict guidelines on the ideal candidate for the role, so we do have to respect their preferences. Once we connect you with our clients, we help you prepare for the interview, but it’s your opportunity to shine. Great talent is hard to find, so that is why we are hired to find the right individual for that position. When we can make that one connection, it makes it all worth it! Your success is our success.

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