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Quitters Remorse? How to Ask for Your Old Job Back.

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The Great Resignation of 2021 was a phenomenon that saw an unprecedented number of workers leave their jobs, fueled by the strong labor demand and post-pandemic changes. However, recent surveys have shown 80% of those who left their positions are now experiencing “Quitter’s Remorse.” This regret, anxiety, and guilt can be challenging to deal with, especially if you’ve realized that your former job was a better fit for you. If you’re in this situation and want to ask for your old job back, this post will guide you through the process.

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Resign Gracefully
Before you decide to leave your job, it’s crucial to resign gracefully. Your exit should be conducted on good terms, as this will leave the door open for potential rehire. If you left your previous job under strained circumstances, it might be a good idea to reach out to your former manager to mend any fences and create a positive impression.

Stay Connected with Colleagues
Maintaining connections with your former colleagues is vital. Connect with them on professional networks like LinkedIn and interact with them on social media platforms. Building and nurturing these relationships can enhance your chances of returning to your previous job.

Stay Connected with the Company
In addition to your colleagues, stay engaged with the company itself. Join the company’s LinkedIn Group, follow their LinkedIn page, and engage with their social media presence. If there’s a corporate alumni network, join it. The more you stay connected, the more likely you are to be remembered and considered for reemployment.

Make a Decision
Don’t rush the decision to ask for your old job back. Take time to reflect on whether returning is genuinely what you want. Your desire to return should be based on the belief that it’s the best path for your career growth, rather than the path of least resistance.

Ask for Your Job Back
If you decide that you genuinely want to return to your former employer, it’s time to make your request. You can either request an in-person meeting or send a well-crafted letter or email. A professionally written request will demonstrate your sincerity and commitment to rejoining the organization.

Explore Other Opportunities
If your previous role has been filled, inquire about other openings that match your qualifications. Companies often consider rehiring former employees who have a history of strong performance. It’s possible that there’s a better-fit position for you within the organization.

Be Prepared to Explain
When asking for your job back, be prepared to answer questions about your initial departure, your reasons for wanting to return, and why the company should rehire you. A well-thought-out explanation can make a significant difference in persuading the company to give you a second chance.

Have a Backup Plan
While asking for your old job back is an option, be prepared for the possibility that it may not work out. Have a backup plan in place and be ready to start a new job search if necessary. Keep your career moving forward, even if it means exploring new opportunities.

The process of asking for your old job back may be uncomfortable, but it’s a step toward making the best career choice for you. If your former employer welcomes you back, resign from your current position gracefully. However, if your request is declined, consider it a minor setback, keep moving forward, and look for new opportunities. Remember, it’s essential to make decisions based on your long-term career goals and personal growth.

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