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The Onia philosophy was established upon our company’s commitment to producing the finest swim and ready-to-wear garments possible. We are dedicated to developing clean silhouettes crafted from high-quality materials and technical fabrics in innovative fits and styles. Our products embody a refined aesthetic and feature versatile and transitional designs that can be worn for a broad range of activities. Each piece is rigorously tested and well-constructed from luxurious fabrics sourced from the finest factories worldwide.

Minimal, yet meticulously crafted to the most minute detail; durable, but still soft and comfortable from the first wear; stylish without being subject to the vagaries of seasonal fashions, our clothing is designed with a sense of timelessness.


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Marketing & Events Coordinator at StyleCareers.com, StylePortfolios.com, StyleDispatch.com, FashionCareerFairs.com and MayoroftheMall.com.

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