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Bohemian Chic, Solar & Joie de vivre. The Maje spirit is resolutely feminine, understated, glamourous and bold. Maje has created its own language of style and sketches a subtle difference between modernity and quirkiness, with authentic pieces and sharp details.


Very early on, Judith Milgrom knew that she wanted to dress women and construct her own stylistic language. Naturally curious and open-minded, she was 16 when she asked her parents to allow her to spend her holidays working and learning in the family workshop. The experience triggered a veritable vocation.

Self-taught, she learns quickly with passion and energy. She openly admits that her family provided her with the best possible corporate experience. She forged her own taste: full of light, colour and perceptive femininity. Perhaps the result of a childhood spent in Morocco.

Judith Milgrom was living the lifestyle very early on. The need to advance, to progress. The word ‘impossible’ is not a part of her vocabulary. She spent three years studying each step in the creation of a collection: from the choice of fabrics to pattern making and garment assembly. And that was when she felt the desire to create her own brand. A brand for active women, women who live several lives in a single day.

She was then aged about thirty. That just left the question of a name. Maje seemed an obvious choice. M for le Moyal, the family surname. A for Alain, her brother who had joined her in the adventure. J for Judith. And E for Evelyne, her sister’s first name.

The brand was launched in 1998. Women immediately adhered to the look, one that could only be found here. Silk in winter, lace, colours, and the deliberate decision to avoid black. And reasonable prices. Judith Milgrom wanted to offer a dream to an urban world.

Eighteen years on, Maje has created its own language of style. Soft leather biker jackets with attitude, glamorous little black dresses, long boho rock petticoat skirts and loose tops. Classy parkas and striking pea coats. Comforting knitwear and accessories for a look with meaning.

Despite its success, Maje remains a best-friend brand, with a Parisian twist, one which works instinctively and has lost none of its original values.


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