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Laid off? Do these 3 things first!

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Losing a job can be a devastating experience, but there are important steps you can take to get back on your feet and back into the workforce as soon as possible. recommends three immediate actions to take after being laid off…

  1. Collect your documents and data:
    The first step is to gather all of your professional documents and data that can help you in your job search. This includes certifications, reports, data, accolades, performance reviews, promotional recognition, results from impactful projects, and contact information for your professional network. Be sure to focus on quantifiable achievements that provide clear evidence of your successes. If you have been locked out of your work accounts, estimate numbers of impact, and use public company documents to link your contributions with positive outcomes.
  2. Create or join a group with your fellow laid-off coworkers:
    Being laid off can be a lonely experience, but you are not alone. Connect with your fellow laid-off coworkers to form a networking group where you can share job opportunities, connections, and empathy. This can lead to significant increases in LinkedIn connections, endorsements, and recommendations, as well as referrals that accelerate the job search process. You may also gain exposure to potential companies to add to your target list and have one-on-one conversations about the culture, work-life balance, and more at prospective companies.

  3. Share with your LinkedIn community:
    Don’t just toggle your LinkedIn profile to “Open to Work.” Write a post about your recent layoff and your hopes for your next career step. This sets the stage for your LinkedIn network to like, share, and send opportunities. Use hashtags like #OpenToWork, job titles of position(s) you want, and the industry so that recruiters can find you easily. Tag connections at companies you’re interested in working for and tout your accomplishments while clearly stating what you want in your next role and the unique impact you’ll bring.

By taking these three steps immediately after being laid off, you can build a strong professional brand, connect with others in the same situation, and position yourself for a smoother job search process. Remember, losing a job is not the end of your career. It can be an opportunity to grow, learn, and find a new path that is even more fulfilling than the last.

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