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Is your profile hidden from recruiters?

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A lot of job seekers, particularly those who created a job alert from job search results, have profiles that are completely hidden from recruiters. For some people, that is a good thing; for others, it may be the difference between getting a new job or not.

Check your Privacy Settings:

First, log-in to your profile, hover over MY ACCOUNT in the navigation bar and click EDIT PROFILE.

On the EDIT PROFILE PAGE select the “Click here to view your profile” link on the upper, right hand side of the page.

This will let you see what a recruiter would see when accessing your profile. If your profile is marked PRIVATE, recruiters are not able to find your profile when searching our resume database (you don’t even come up in searches).

If you’d like to be found by recruiters and contacted to fill open positions, click the “change this” link to update your privacy settings. Screenshots of this process are provided below.

EXPLANATION OF PRIVACY SETTINGS offers job seekers 3 levels of privacy…

  • Candidate profiles can be viewed by any current customer. This is what you want if you are actively seeking a job.
  • Candidates can select which companies cannot see their profile. This is a great option for job seekers who are currently employed but who are also looking for a new job. Hide your current employer and your profile will not appear in any of their resume database searches!
  • Candidates can opt to have NO recruiters see their profile. Job seekers with this level of privacy will not show-up in any resume database searches.

Learn more about Privacy Settings here.

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