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A lot of jobs are never published by hiring companies. Instead, recruiters search resume databases to find candidates for these positions.

Optimizing your online profile with (and other sites) will go a long way in helping recruiters find you for unpublished jobs. Please see below for our recommendations on optimizing your profile for resume database searches. Think of this as SEO for your career!

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Make sure to fill-out the Title field of your online profile with your current or most relevant title. Note: This is the most popular search field used by recruiters; avoid abbreviations and spelling mistakes. If your current or most recent company uses non-standard position titles, include a standard title as well.



When a recruiter searches the resume database, relevant candidate profiles are listed in order of “last updated” date. In short, every time you update your profile, it moves to the top of the list. The more often you update your profile, the more likely it will be seen by recruiters.



The new allows users to create a full, online profile.  Different than an uploaded resume, the online profile organizes your professional information into a standard format, making it easier to read and understand by recruiters.  The profile includes sections like Headline, Summary, Job Info and Education.  For advanced users, the profile also allows for design portfolios (show samples of your work) and a recruitment video.  With the latter, personal recruitment videos must be hosted on Youtube with the link being added to the profile.



The check-boxes in the Desired Employment section are used as database markers by recruiters when searching the resume database. Even if you elected not to get email notifications from, make sure to check the appropriate Categories, Job Functions, Region(s), Product Category Expertise, Experience Level and Relocation Preferences so that recruiters have an easier time finding you.



Make sure to update the Resume Section of your online profile as soon as your professional situation changes. Verify your email address, phone numbers and mailing address every time you update your profile.


DESIGNERS: INTEGRATE YOUR PORTFOLIO allows designers to integrate portfolios with profiles. By integrating your portfolio, you are allowing a recruiter that finds your profile in the resume database to have one-click-access to samples of your work. Let recruiters see your talent by integrating your portfolio with your profile!

If you don’t have a profile but are in the market for a new job, visit to create one (it’s free!).


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