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Curated career advice and job search news for the week of September 12, 2022…

New Study Reveals 10 Percent of Former Employees Lie When Writing Reviews on Glassdoor, Google, Indeed and Facebook

A company’s reviews aren’t always truthful, which could potentially turn good hires away.

Commentary: Companies are ‘flex-washing’ to attract talent-but there will be a backlash

Companies are using “flexible work” it in their attempts to attract talent-but it often comes with strings attached.

24 elevator pitch examples to get your networking groove on | Biteable

You never know when you need a strong elevator pitch to land a new job or seal a new deal. Learn to craft your own with help from our mega list of examples.

How to Answer: “Tell Me About a Time You Handled a Conflict”

Most interview questions ask you to discuss the positive aspects of your working life. But every now and then, a question takes a turn for the negative, potentially wrecking your whole enthusiastic vibe. “Tell me about a time you handled a conflict” is one such question.

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