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Curated job search and career advice for the week of August 8th, 2022…

11 ways to pad out your résumé without lying

Here’s how: “The most common skills people forget to showcase are the transferable skills that recruiters use general search terms to find – things that can be measured,” says J.T. O’Donnell, a career and workplace expert, founder of career advice site,, and author of ” Careerealism: The Smart Approach to a Satisfying Career.”

‘Can You End a Job Interview Early If You Know It’s Not a Good Fit?’

This week’s Ask a Boss letter-writer wants to know if it’s acceptable to end a job interview early if you become convinced that it’s a mismatch. Most of the time it’s worth sticking it out, Green advises – there may be a different job there for you.

Do You Accept an Offer if You Are Still Interviewing?

Do You Accept an Offer if You Are Still Interviewing?. In an economy where unemployment rates are consistently high and the job market seems to be at a standstill, job seekers may be tempted to accept any employment offer while they continue to look for a job they really want.

Interview Mistakes to Avoid –

common interview mistakes, which include texting during the interview, dressing inappropriately, chewing gum and talking badly about past employers, a new CareerBuilder study also reveals some of the most unusual interview experiences reported by human resources professionals. Among them: The candidate brought a “how to interview” book with him to the interview.

You have more power than you think when negotiating a severance package

Too many otherwise business-savvy individuals take whatever their employer offers them. This employment lawyer explains ways you can get more than what’s on the table.

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