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Curated career advice for fashion industry professionals for the week of April 19th, 2021.

3 ways to build influence at work-and get more done

I’ll never forget the boardroom presentation that I made that shifted my entire perspective on how to work with the executives at my company. The topic was the budget that my marketing programs and team would be given, and I was ready: a solid go-to-market strategy, clear outline of lead generation programs, conversions, and estimated revenue numbers, and the precise budget we’d need to implement the plan.

7 Pieces of Bad Career Advice Women Should Ignore

Job and life advice for young professionals. See more from Ascend here. Young women entering the workforce are typically inundated by a wide range of career tips to help them succeed. Although most of this advice is probably well intended, that doesn’t necessarily make all of it helpful.

How to land a great job when you are over 50

After spending the past seven years in accounts payable at a flooring installation company, Veronica Simmons, age 54 and living in San Diego, is looking for a new administrative position. As right hand to the chief operations officer, there’s no possibility for further promotion.

10 Questions You Should Ask During an Interview

How to Manage the 5 Generations in the Workplace

Today’s business environment may be the first to include five different generations working side by side toward shared economic and commercial goals. For business owners and executives, managing multiple generations in the workplace may not be as easy as it sounds. Each defined generation can have different expectations, communication styles, and perspectives.

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