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Here is the career advice round-up for the week of January 22nd…

10 things successful people do in their first month at a new job

The first month at a new job can be overwhelming. Once you’ve decided to accept the offer, and survived your first day and your first week, you might think you’re in the clear. But people are still watching, which means you still have an opportunity to impress.

How to Show Your Leadership Skills in Your Resume

Today, leadership skills in employees are critical for every employer. Regardless of a position, a perfect candidate should possess them. Why? Does it mean that companies look to hire people who excel at bossing everyone around? Obviously, that’s not the case.. Leadership is appreciated because it is much more than just about being “in charge.”

It Took Apple Executive Angela Ahrendts 1 Sentence to Drop the Best Career Advice You’ll Hear Today

As the SVP of retail strategy at Apple, Angela Ahrendts is one of the highest-ranking executives at the most valuable company in the world. To get that job, she had to leave her post as CEO of Burberry, where she had led a remarkable turnaround to reestablish the company as one of the world’s premier luxury fashion brands.

These Are The Five Soft Skills Recruiters Want Most

While education, degrees, and certification are important for scoring an interview, a new study by the HR software provider iCIMS finds that recruiters place a higher value on soft skills. From an ability to communicate well to being organized, these intangible qualities can be tough to measure, but they affect everything from productivity to collaboration.

Build Your Resume to Guarantee an Interview – StyleDispatch

You have approximately twenty-two seconds for your resume to grab the reader and guarantee you an interview. Your resume is a summary of your career highlights and history, but also needs to be your marketing material. To make sure your resume hits the mark, here are some basic tips to follow: Get Straight to the …

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