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Here is the career advice round-up for the week of February 5th…

Landed A Last-Minute Job Interview? Avoid Asking These 7 Questions

Then, later that day, you get a call. It’s the recruiter asking you to come in tomorrow for an interview. You know the basic dos and don’ts of the job interview process-but when it’s a last-minute thing, all your career wisdom goes out the window.

Women at Work: Make Yourself Heard

In this special episode, HBR IdeaCast host Sarah Green Carmichael introduces Harvard Business Review’s new podcast “Women at Work,” about women’s experiences in the workplace. This episode about being heard tackles three aspects of communication: first, how and why women’s speech patterns differ from men’s; second, how women can be more assertive in meetings; and third, how women can deal with interrupters (since the science shows women get interrupted more often than men do).

5 Things You Should Never Do During a Work Conflict – StyleDispatch

Minor conflicts and frustrations at the office can easily get exacerbated and colleagues don’t always handle things in the best way. But rather than let small irritations take on a life of their own, it’s best not to let office heat get you down or make you lose your cool.

11 ways to update your résumé when you get a new job

The best time to update your résumé is when you don’t need it right away. We asked experts from TopResume to make over the résumé of someone who just landed a new role at work. You can use these tips to make over your own résumé.

5 things your boss wants you to try in the new year

It’s a tradition to set New Year’s resolutions, and for many people, these goals involve improving things in their personal lives, like health and wealth. Consider how much time you spend on your career, however, and you’ll see it makes sense to set some resolutions relating to the workplace, too.

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