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Adjmi Apparel Group

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Since 1976, Adjmi Apparel Group has designed, produced and distributed apparel to all tiers of retail with acclaimed success. From its early days as a small importer to its current stature as one of the largest and most reputable companies in the industry, the Adjmi name has become synonymous with high quality fashionable apparel for every product category and age group, from newborns to adults.

The Adjmi portfolio includes recognizable international brands such as; Disney, Kensie, Esprit, Proplayer, Hind, Fila, Champion, and market brands such as Apana, Beluga, and Layer 8.

We also maintain a strong private label business and are favored vendors for brands such as Starter, Faded Glory, Danskin Now, TekGear and Everlast for the biggest retailers in the world. We are resolutely committed to building and adding value to all our brands for the long term.


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Marketing & Events Coordinator at StyleCareers.com, StylePortfolios.com, StyleDispatch.com, FashionCareerFairs.com and MayoroftheMall.com.

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