6 Strategies to Rescue a Bad Interview

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Preparing for an interview is essential for boosting confidence and ensuring a successful conversation. However, there are times when you may encounter an interviewer having a bad day or lacking the necessary skills to conduct a meaningful interview. In the fashion industry, where competition is fierce, knowing how to react and turn around a deteriorating interview can make all the difference. This post will guide fashion industry job seekers on how to recognize clues of an unfocused or poorly trained interviewer and offer tips on rescuing a failing interview.

Spotting Clues of an Unfocused Interviewer:
It’s essential to be aware of signs that indicate an interviewer is not fully engaged or lacks the required interviewing skills. Watch out for interviewers who constantly check their watch or glance at their phone, as these actions suggest distraction. For example, a candidate shared a story of an interview where the hiring manager answered their phone twice within a 30-minute conversation, leaving the candidate feeling slighted and disappointed.

Reacting to an Unfocused Interviewer:
If you sense that the interviewer is having trouble focusing, take the initiative to change the direction of the conversation. Talk about your interest in the position and how your background aligns with the company’s needs. Be prepared to deliver concise yet impactful answers, as distracted interviewers may need help processing detailed responses.

Rescheduling the Interview:
In some cases, it might be appropriate to ask for a reschedule if you feel the interviewer is not fully present. Approach the request with concern and empathy for the interviewer’s circumstances. By doing so, you demonstrate your professionalism and understanding, increasing the likelihood of securing another interview opportunity.

Handling Defensive Interviewers:
When an interview takes an intense and defensive tone, it’s crucial to remain calm and focused on your answers. Seek clarification if necessary and redirect the conversation back to the position’s requirements. Consider whether the interviewer’s style reflects the company’s work culture, as it can provide valuable insights into the organization’s dynamics.

Dealing with Off-the-Wall Questions:
Interviewers may throw unexpected and off-the-wall questions your way to assess your ability to think on your feet. In such situations, stay confident and authentic in your responses. Avoid trying to be someone you think the interviewer wants, and instead, take a moment to pause, think, and provide your best answer.

Understanding Your Potential Boss:
In the fashion industry, where collaboration and teamwork are essential, knowing your potential boss’s leadership style, goals, and philosophies is crucial. Although you may not be interviewed by your immediate manager, seek information about them to make an informed career decision.

Navigating a bad interview in the fashion industry can be challenging, but by recognizing clues of an unfocused interviewer and implementing appropriate strategies, you can turn the situation around. Stay confident, authentic, and adaptable, and remember that an interview is a two-way process to determine if you and the company are a good fit. Rescuing a faltering interview could be your key to landing that dream fashion industry job.

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