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5 Tips To Launch Your Career in Fashion

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This video is to help you get started in the fashion industry and create the career of your dreams! These 5 tips on how to get started are the foundation you will need to know to kickstart your career. Whether you are starting out, in school or already have your first job in the industry, these tips can help you get over the hump and get your head in the game. The fashion industry is a tough industry to break into, so the more that you study, the better off you will be. Here is the skinny:

#1 Forget The Haters

#2 Find A Mentor

#3 Get To Work

#4 Study Hard

#5 Hustle Harder

I hope you enjoy these tips and don’t forget the BONUS tip #6 Don’t Give Up!

  About the Author

Kathleen Ross is an award winning Creative Director and Stylist with over ten years of experience leading teams in the fashion industry.  Kathleen created Style Your Career, a weekly video series to help fashion industry hopefuls successfully launch and advance their careers

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Style Your Career is a video series bringing you career advice, insider tips, common mistakes, inspiration, and guidance from accomplished professionals in the fashion industry.

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