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Best Practices Round-up – June 4th, 2018

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for the week of June 6th, 2018


Managers, don’t make these mistakes when you onboard your new hire

Baptism by fire. Sink or swim. To the wolves! Call it what you want, but-generally speaking-this isn’t the most effective method to train a new employee. Really. For one thing, it does little to build trust between you and this new person, much less inspire confidence in your company’s overall leadership strategy.


The Power of Niche Job Boards- Whitepaper – ICIMS

iCIMS Job Board Posting is a time saving tool designed to fully automate the process of posting available positions to over 14,000+ online job boards. Powered by JobTarget and seamlessly integrated with iCIMS Recruit, the OneClick Job Board Posting tool allows users to easily post jobs out to multiple third-party job boards, automatically track candidate sources upon clicking on job ads, and report on source effectiveness within the iCIMS Talent Platform.


How to Make a Job Ad That Attracts Candidates (with Examples)

In today’s competitive market, sourcing the best talent is more difficult than ever. There’s many reasons for this, but if you’re looking to attack the problem at its core, pay attention to the beginning of the hiring process – the job ad.


How LinkedIn Fundamentally Ruined Recruitment

5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It is hard to deny the impact that LinkedIn, which rightfully bills itself as “the world’s largest professional network,” has had on the recruiting function. The network has forever changed the way organizations connect with talent, giving them unprecedented access to both active and passive candidates.


Why your ATS may be killing your recruiting efforts

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) get a bad rap for a good reason. From a candidate’s perspective, they’re often difficult to use, clunky and there’s no way to tell if your qualifications are ever actually reviewed by a human being. For companies, however, the ATS can be a lifesaver; streamlining the application process and making screening candidates much more efficient.


Job Seeker Time Study – StyleDispatch recently conducted a survey of roughly 2000 fashion industry professionals on their job search habits. Whereas the previous post in this series dealt with employer branding at the job listing level, this post deals with the amount of time fashion industry job seekers allocate to job search tasks; looking for jobs, researching potential employers and …


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