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Worklife Round-Up for Aug 27th, 2018

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This week we have articles on job seeker fibs, values, work friendships and losing your temper at work.


Starting a New Job? Take Control of Your Onboarding

Executive Summary If you want to excel in your new job, you can’t rely on your company’s onboarding process to prepare you. You need to take control of your integration. Start by cultivating connections up, down, and across.


9 focus-forming habits to lengthen your attention span

From the infinite scroll of Facebook and Instagram to the temptation of a perfectly sunny day, there are a lot of distractions that prevent you from zeroing in on your work. But as career expert and cofounder of Early Stage Careers, Jill Tipograph, explains, internal interferences are tough to avoid, too.


The Best Ways to Get Paid What You’re Worth – StyleDispatch

Not satisfied with your salary? Think you deserve more? Forbes contributor Liz Ryan, writes about how employees are reducing their earning power, because they are not standing up for their worth at work. She says, “If you want to get paid what you’re worth you will have to negotiate, and you’ll also have to say “No” to the wrong …


Build A Stronger Freelance Brand: These Four Steps Will Show You How

Brands are about reputation value, and the best brands have stratospheric value. For example, last year’s number No. 1 brand was Apple. According to the Interbrand annual study of top brands, Apple’s brand value has grown to almost $200 billion (and now, as a trillion-dollar company, it’s likely increased).


Ten tips for a better work-life balance

Earlier this year, a report circulated that a French law banned employees from checking work emails after 6pm. It wasn’t true but fitted with our notion of the French as a nation of slackers favouring long lunches, five-day weekends and plenty of slap and tickle while les rosbifs carried on working through the night.



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