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Please join us in welcoming these new companies to StyleCareers.com!


After decades in the apparel industry and becoming frustrated with common fabrics and production practices, the Andrews family decided to create a better way. Performance garments are traditionally made from 100% synthetic materials (petrochemicals) and treated with multiple finishes: 1 to wick moisture, 1 for sun protection, and still another to guard against odor. The world is now conditioned to wear plastics in order to be active…


GILLZ was founded in 2008 with the goal of building elite product for anglers focused on performance. The new collection continues to push innovation in the outdoor market and delivers unrivaled comfort, breathability and protection from sunup to sundown. Gillz Gear is designed and built for any condition, giving you the advantage in the fight to attain glory…


Elite Sportswear is a global leader in gymnastics and cheerleading apparel. Distributed in over 35 countries, Elite specializes in high performance, niche, branded apparel that meets exacting needs from top athletes.  Its GK branded products have been consistently worn by Olympians, World Champions, and enthusiast amateurs…


Founded in 1986, Enchanté Accessories Inc. has since become an industry leader in consumer products. Over the past three decades, Enchanté has grown and has expanded into 13 product divisions ranging from home décor, ceramics, jewelry, and more…


Knot Standard is a custom menswear company with one goal; to consistently offer premium service and selection, combined with a high-tech approach and classic tailoring, for our client to create the lifestyle he desires. To date, we operate 9 appointment-only showrooms in New York, Chicago, D.C., Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, as well as our Bloomingdale’s NYC location. Coupling high-touch client experience…


We’re looking for an experienced Lead Lab Technician to join our team! If you fit the below requirements, we’d love to set up an interview!

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