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What is your employment status?
AV: Freelance, currently at Linder New York

What is your official job title?
AV: Patternmaker

Please summarize your professional career in 1 to 3 sentences; what should everyone know about you?
AV: About 10 years ago I started working as the Store Manager of a boutique menswear company. I eventually helped develop the private label collection by taking on various roles between Designer, Patternmaker, and Technical Designer. After a couple years, I took a step back to analyze what I found fulfilling about working in the industry: designing through the lens of a Patternmaker.

Describe what you do?
AV: I work to help companies achieve a balance between fit and design. I truly enjoy putting the pieces together to help a brand achieve their vision. Whether that be from the initial stage of helping create the concept or through development and determining the technical aspects of how it should actually come together.

Why did you choose to be a designer?
AV: My first semester of college, I actually wanted to be a Fashion Illustrator. I realized quickly that’s a very niche role in the industry and needed to pivot. Once I started taking patternmaking, draping, and tailoring courses, I knew I was headed in the right direction.

What steps did you take to become a designer?
AV: I moved to New York with the intent to become a designer, but coming from the Midwest I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be happy here. I started by working in retail just to get my footing in the city. Luckily, I found the right company that needed the skills that I had and it took off from there. I really think it was very positive to have a bit of experience in a retail clothing setting as a designer because you get a feel for what customers want, how they purchase, and how they want things to fit.

If you weren’t a designer what would you be?
AV: Realistically: elementary school teacher. The dream: professional basketball player.

What do you like about what you do?
AV: I like getting something right. When someone else says, “That’s what I’m looking for.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
AV: The world seems to move exponentially faster and I don’t know what that means for the industry or how I see myself in it. Right now I’m happy to roll with what comes along and hopefully continue to find success and happiness here. Ideally, I’ll have been with a company for a couple years that values their employees and the vendors they work with.

What sparked your interest in design?
AV: My mom always had me dressed a certain way, so I always cared about how I presented myself. Designing started with how I dressed and what I wanted to wear.

How has your work evolved since you began your career?
AV: Knowledge through experience has shaped how I work and the process within which I create. I think that’s true for nearly everyone but the technical aspects, for me, have really taken root.

Are there any types of clothing/footwear/accessories that you avoid wearing?
AV: Personally, I’ve never been big on yellow gold accessories. Love it when I see it on other people but I can’t seem to make it work on me.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your career?
AV: Ask questions.

What advice would you give to young designers?
AV: If you’re still in school, pay attention in your patternmaking and draping courses. Don’t accept limitations in your design but really have an understanding of how something comes together.

Are you superstitious or do you have any rules you live by?
AV: Cherish those closest to you

What’s your motto?
AV: Measure twice, cut once.

Adam Vitick is an experienced Designer and Patternmaker with a penchant for playing basketball and hiking. Raised in Metro Detroit, he graduated from Wayne State University with a B.A. focus in Fashion/Apparel Design and moved to New York in 2009.



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