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Star Ride Kids

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Located in the heart of New York City, Star Ride Kids was born in the Spring of 1991 to three brothers who recognized the opportunity to offer better quality children’s garments and produce products that would appeal to both cost-conscious parents and their fashion-conscious kids.  We offer an extensive collection ranging in size Toddler to 16 girls and Toddler to 20 boys, which allows for styles for every age and lifestyle of today’s child.  Our collection is designed from the top down, making the fashion trends of our more mature teens applicable to our younger children.

With our proven track record of high quality, attention to detail, reliability and on-time delivery, Star Ride has secured its place as one of the leading children’s apparel wholesalers.  What began as a small 3-person company has since expanded to a corporation with over 40 employees, which includes a complete team of experienced merchandisers, designers and spec technicians, in addition to fully staffed operations and production departments.  As Star Ride continues to grow, we will bring on new licenses and further develop our private label business. Our future plan includes expanding our product offerings within our current retail segments and extending into new markets of distribution.


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Marketing & Events Coordinator at StyleCareers.com, StylePortfolios.com, StyleDispatch.com, FashionCareerFairs.com and MayoroftheMall.com.