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Hiring Designers, an Interesting Read

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When it comes time to hire a designer, whether full-time or freelance, please think of us to find superior, cutting edge creative talent. With 30 years of experience placing designers, I recognize individuals whose wow factor can benefit my clients — those who bring something brilliant to the table that is new, refreshing, smart, tied to considerate needs and – most importantly – saleable. Whether it’s a product or print pieces, two or three-dimensional, compelling design should catalyze an immediate consumer reaction that leads to increases in revenue.

The direct correlation between business success and exceptional design has been substantiated by design research, a common practice today that observes and results in strong ties between design choices directly with consumer purchase and reaction. It’s was the main thrust of my graduate work, so I can confidently say that it has incredible value and validity. 

With decades of experience working with designers, I am able to recognize designers who will bring my clients greater commerce — those who create something brand new, engaging, interesting, compelling and visionary, and who understand the markets they are designing for. These are the individuals who will help my clients’ businesses stand apart in our intensely competitive market. 

A Very Interesting Read:

I came across an article about the value of Design today, and evolution in its practice, that warranted sharing. Published in an inspiring magazine called Dezeen, the article reviews a groundbreaking report produced by McKinsey Consultants called The Business Value of Design.

Dezeen’s Founder, Marcus Fairs, spoke with McKinsey partners Ben Sheppard and John Edson, alongside Airbnb director of design Jenny Arden, Local Projects creative director Elvira Barriga and WeWork senior design director Adam Koogler about design being the key driver of business success. It illuminates a shift in paradigm among business executives and design thinkers: that good design should be based on consumer research and not just the attractiveness of a product or the subjective preferences of a designer. 

“While design was once largely thought of as a way of making products more attractive, it is now a way of thinking: a creative process driven by the desire to better understand and meet consumer needs” said McKinsey

The report is based on studies of 300 listed companies around the world. It concludes that firms that embrace design generated 32% more revenue and 56% more shareholder returns than rivals over a five-year period. “The companies that achieved the best financial returns were those with a bold, user-centric vision that had embedded design in the planning at the top and used robust design metrics to monitor customer satisfaction,” says McKinsey.

McKinsey’s research found that many companies struggle with design. 95% of design leaders do not feel they can make objective decisions, while 66% fail to share prototypes with end users, and half do not consider users when developing new products and services.

The report has been compiled by a new division called McKinsey Design, which will advise firms on design strategy. “Good design is good for business,” said Ben Sheppard, partner at McKinsey Design. “It’s the only way that companies can stand out from the crowd in a sustainable way.”

Sheppard defines good design as “understanding the needs of your users, then creating products and services that meet those needs.” 

To see a copy of the article, the link is:

Good design is good for business, says McKinsey as it unveils new design division

Design is a key driver of business success, according to management consultancy McKinsey’s “The Business Value of Design” report.

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