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A Fun Approach to Design…A Serious Approach to Business A One-Two Punch to Success!

At Gina Group we knock out the competition with a one two punch style to manufacturing, licensing and distributing the finest in family hosiery and accessories. First, we take a fun approach to each design we create, license or represent and then we get serious about the business of making each product the latest “must have” item on everyone’s list.

One visit to our virtual showroom will make it clear that our sourcing, quality control, production and design capabilities are unrivaled. With our own Q/C staff and independent testing labs we stand behind the superiority of all the products we license or create. But it’s our eye for fashion that guarantees the designs we offer are the coolest, hippest, most fun and imaginative ever crafted!

Get off the ropes and be a contender!

It’s our experience and attention to detail that brings you assurance in our abilities. Starting as a private label company over 20 years ago, Gina Group entered the retail market with a unique line of tights, pantyhose and socks. Today, we present a growing stylish, durable and comfortable line of intimate apparel, footwear, cold weather gear and fashion accessories


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Marketing & Events Coordinator at StyleCareers.com, StylePortfolios.com, StyleDispatch.com, FashionCareerFairs.com and MayoroftheMall.com.

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