Fashion Industry News Re-Cap for April 23rd, 2018

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for April 16th

No need to read the news every, damn, day.  Stay up-to-date on the fashion industry with and the Fashion Industry News Re-Cap! This week we are covering the new ghost town, pick-up towers, bankruptcies, etc…


Fashion Revolution Week: Fashion by the Numbers

The fashion industry – particularly the fast fashion sector, which is the one responsible for recreating runway looks in a highly sped up manner and offering them for dirt cheap prices – has wreaked havoc in the lives of garment workers, on the environment, and in the lives of consumers, as well.


Amazon edging closer to No. 1 in US apparel

After taking another 1.5% of market share in U.S. apparel sales last year, Amazon is edging closer to becoming the nation’s top apparel retailer, according to a note from Morgan Stanley cited by CBNC. Department stores, in particular Sears Holdings and Macy’s, appear to be bearing the brunt of Amazon’s rise.



How In-Store Retail Analytics Technologies Are Driving Store Results | Chain Store Age

Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Skip to Content Your shoppers are changing quickly and often and foot traffic is declining. Now optimizing every shopper visit is more critical than ever. Traditional tools have failed to offer a sufficient remedy.



You Can Now Sit on a $100,000 Louis Vuitton Toilet | Highsnobiety

In case you were ever wondering what it’d be like to sit on a golden toilet made of Louis Vuitton bags, here’s your chance. Artist Illma Gore spent three months making a luxe can using 24 bags worth a grand total of $15,000. And the result?



Nike loses second executive in two days

UPDATE: April 19, 2018: Greg Thompson, Nike’s vice president of footwear, left the company on Wednesday, according to Reuters, making him the fourth executive to leave the company in a little over a month. No further details were given on the reason for his departure, though it comes at a time when the company’s corporate culture and conduct are under scrutiny.



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