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Elevate Your Fashion Career with a Professional Email Address

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In the early days of the internet, many of us had a knack for creating quirky or distinctive email addresses. You might recall addresses like “,” “,” or “” that we used for personal communication. While these addresses may still hold sentimental value, they have no place on your professional resume.

While this may seem trivial, 76% of resumes are rejected by recruiters due to unprofessional email addresses.

Keep it Professional:

When it comes to applying for jobs in the fashion industry, it’s crucial to present yourself with a professional email address. Your email address is often the first point of contact potential employers have with you, and it should reflect your seriousness and commitment to your career.

Opt for an email address that combines your first name and last name, followed by a reputable domain name. For example, “” is a simple and memorable choice. However, if your name is common, you might need to get a bit creative:

First name (dot) last name:
First name + middle name + last name:
First name (dot) middle name (dot) last name:
First name + middle initial + last name:
First name (dot) middle initial (dot) last name:
First initial + middle name + last name:
First initial + middle initial + last name:
First name + last initial:
First initial + last name:
Last name + first name:
Last name (dot) first name:

Alternatively, consider incorporating your profession into your email address. If you work as a coder, an address like “” can be a great choice. Similarly, “” works well for professional writers.

Notice that in these examples, we’re using as the domain address. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, it’s wise to set one up. Using Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL accounts may suggest you’re not tech-savvy in today’s job market.

Even if you already have a Gmail account, it’s a good idea to create a separate email address solely for your job search. This ensures that important communications from potential employers won’t get buried in your personal inbox.

What to Avoid in Your Email Address:

To maintain a professional image, avoid using the following elements in your email address:

Locations: Refrain from including your state or city in your email address, as it might give the impression that you’re too far away to be considered for a job.

Numbers: Avoid incorporating birth or graduation years, as it can inadvertently reveal your age and lead to discrimination.

“Funny” names: While humor is great, email addresses like “” or “” may come across as unprofessional and desperate.

Hobbies: Email addresses related to personal interests, such as knitting, pottery, or fitness activities, are better suited for personal communication.

Names of kids or pets: Avoid email addresses like “” or “” as they may suggest a lack of professional focus.

University email addresses: Universities typically deactivate email accounts after a certain period, so it’s best to use a more permanent address for your job search.

Inappropriate references: Stay clear of references to drugs, alcohol, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, race, or politics, as these could negatively impact your professional image.

Your email address is a pivotal component of your digital identity in the fashion industry. By maintaining a professional email address, you demonstrate your dedication and commitment to your career. Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities by using an unprofessional address. Opt for a variation of your name@ and enhance your chances of success in the fashion world.

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