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Curated job search and career advice for the week of November 28th, 2022…

5 Steps to Prepare for Your Annual Performance Review | Ellevest

It’s that time again: performance review season. That annual (or biannual) meeting when you sit down with your boss to talk about how well you’ve done your job lately. Maybe you’re nervous. (Normal!) Maybe you’re looking forward to it. (Also normal!) Either way, doing some prep beforehand will be worth it.

6 Reasons You Should Keep Up Your Job Search During the Holiday Season

As the holiday season draws in, it’s easy to get distracted by all the festivities going on around you and your job hunt will often get placed on the back burner.

What It’s Like to Quit Your Job During the Holidays

I remember the exact moment I decided to quit my job. It was late fall 2014, and I was devoting time to self-reflection, as my therapist of a little less than a year had suggested. On construction paper, I’d scrawled out one of those idea webs you use to plan persuasive essays in elementary school.

How To Negotiate Your Salary On This Side Of The Great Resignation

Nothing can put a damper on an employee-driven job market like a looming recession. The Great Resignation has already seen more than 40 million Americans quit their jobs, but now there’s an economic downturn in the offing-and no one knows how it’s going to play out.

How To Deal With a Micromanaging Boss

Modern management is a bit like the tale of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. When a manager’s not involved enough, they’re quickly seen as an absentee manager who ignores their employees until a problem arises (and then often calls them out for said problem).

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