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Career advice from around the web for the week of June 8th, 2022…

Ask The Headhunter® – Should I keep interviewing after I accepted a job offer?

I just read an article where a CEO warns that it’s unethical and dishonest to keep interviewing after you’ve accepted a job offer. “It’s not cool.” He calls it lying and says you’re just damaging yourself!

5 Ways to Respond to Ageism in a Job Interview

As the global population ages, we will see increasing numbers of older employees in the workforce. Yet according to a recent AARP study, nearly two out of three workers age 45 and older say they have experienced age discrimination. If you are concerned about ageism, there are some strategies you can employ during job interviews.

How to Negotiate Salary in 2022

Most professionals understanding that knowing how to negotiate salary is crucial. If you can negotiate successfully, you aren’t just boosting your pay today; you’re increasing your overall earnings potential for the rest of your life. Wow, right? Even knowing how powerful talking about pay during the job search process can be, only 39 percent of professionals actually try to negotiate.

Strategies for Responding to Situational Interview Questions

Strategies for Responding to Situational Interview Questions. While your resume can tell prospective employers a great deal about your previous work experience, it doesn’t necessarily shed light on your problem-solving skills or on how you’ll respond under pressure. To evaluate these aspects of your personality, many …

7 in 10 remote workers have multiple jobs –

For the millions of Americans who work remotely, more free time and less oversight is commonplace. But while some may use this extra time to focus on health, family, or hobbies, according to a new survey, the majority of full-time remote workers are using this flexibility and freedom to work more.

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