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Curated career advice from around the web for the week of May 23rd, 2022…

10 Signs That You’re Probably Bad In Your Job

Are you wondering if you’re bad in your job? In today’s world of high job turnover and career jumps, it’s important to keep up if you want to keep your job. If a job isn’t working for you, then it’s best to keep an eye on new opportunities that might come your way.

End Imposter Syndrome in Your Workplace

In a follow-up to their February 2021 article challenging the commonly understood definition of imposter syndrome, authors Ruchika Tulshyan and Jodi-Ann Burey offer actionable steps managers can take to end imposter syndrome in their organizations. Doing so will require work at both the interpersonal and organizational levels, and success will depend in part on gathering data and implementing real mechanisms for accountability.

How to identify a toxic work environment before accepting a job

As the year goes on, many people are thinking about making a move in the job market. In addition to looking for more compensation, advancement opportunities, or a change of place, job seekers these days are paying close attention to company culture – for good reason.

‘Am I a “Job Hopper,” and Is That Bad?’

In this week’s Ask a Boss column, manager Alison Green advises a letter writer who fears they’ve earned themselves a reputation as a job-hopper after working a string of jobs, each under two years. It may hurt their work prospects, Green advises.

How to Ask Your Boss for More Work | The Motley Fool

It’s a scenario countless workers land in and most dread: When you started your latest job, you were plenty busy as you learned the ropes and established a workflow. But now that you’ve gotten more efficient, things have tapered off, and you’re finding yourself with more and more downtime each week that passes.

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