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Curated career advice from around the web for the week of February 14th, 2022

The pandemic drove women out of the workforce. Will they come back?

Sandee Barrick was making a six-figure salary as a salesperson when she quit her job in December 2019 to move to North Carolina. She had planned to return to work as soon as she got settled, but she was still enrolling her younger son in school and switching over her driver’s license and registration when the coronavirus pandemic hit and everything shut down.

Why It’s The Perfect Time To Ask For A Raise

According to the Labor Department, inflation soared 7% in 2021, the biggest increase in nearly 40 years. But while inflation and prices are increasing at a record pace, I’m guessing your salary didn’t. Fortunately, employees are in a unique position to ask for a raise this year.

What to Do (Even Now) if You’re Stuck in a Job You Hate

Few people are as knee-deep in our work-related anxieties and sticky office politics as Alison Green, who has been fielding workplace questions for a decade now on her website Ask a Manager. In Direct Report , she spotlights themes from her inbox that help explain the modern workplace and how we could be navigating it better.

Jobs Are Temporary, Bodies Are Permanent – Independently Happy

Is your job a source of major stress? If so, try to remember that it’s temporary. Right now it may seem like everything. You spend 8 to 12 hours on it five to seven days each week. It pays all your bills, it consumes all your time and all your thoughts.

Can’t get a call back from a job? You might be making one of these common mistakes.

The “Great Resignation” can quickly become the never-ending job search for people who quit during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s what life has recently felt like for Patrick Moran, who is hoping for a major career change – from production manager at a Rhode Island doughnut bakery to an office job.

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