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Here is the career advice round-up for the week of January 22nd…

How to Stand Out During the Interview Process – StyleDispatch

Let’s face it, if you were hired for a job based on your resume alone, there would be no need to interview. But because no one is hired solely as a result of their work experience and/or accomplishments, interviews are a necessary evil.

Here’s Exactly What To Put On Your Resume To Land An Interview

Maybe getting another college degree or adding an internship isn’t the best way to land a job. Perhaps you just need to update your resume with a few stats and key words. While resumes are often written to appeal to a hiring manager, few are ever actually viewed by a human.

Fashion Portfolio + Story Telling + Emotional Connection – Style Portfolios

Illustration by Bil Donovan As an expression of a designer’s creative vision, the portfolio is of unparalleled importance. A portfolio should represent a designer’s style, skills, work and experience. It should communicate his or her aesthetic sensibility and emotional story,…

5 rude emails you send without realizing it

Even the most likable and well-mannered among us can still look like jerks in an email. Writing an email that comes across just like you do in person is a fine art. During a conversation, you adjust your tone, facial expression, gestures and posture in order to fit the mood of what you’re conveying.

How To Do More Meaningful Work Every Day (And Less Emailing)

Organizational leaders often speak fluently about mission, values and purpose. They post high-minded statements on their social pages and on the company website. But if your business is teeming with excessive rules, processes or bureaucracy, all that messaging is empty rhetoric. Nothing separates individuals from a sense that their work is worthwhile than the curse of complexity.

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