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Kevin Thai is currently running his own Fashion Consulting Design Studio in New York where they provide a complete start to finish design package consisting of initial concept  through product development.  With a design background working for clients such as, Perry Ellis, Izod and Andrew Mark, Kevin’s specialties are certainly not limited.  Kevin can design anything from woven shirts to leather jackets not to mention the different design styles.  Whether you need casual sportswear or down-town fashion, Kevin has the ability deliver.


What should everyone know about you?
KT: I am currently holding a position as Design Director and CEO at Kevin Thai Inc. I have played a major role in the growth and success of every company that I have worked for, in the area of Design, Merchandising, and Product Development. I have a consistent record of creating and leading extremely profitable departments and organizations, and have consistently achieved dramatic increases in revenue through the development of highly successful product lines, primarily in the areas of Cloth, Leather, Wool Outerwear, Activewear, and Denim brands in various tiers of the business.

How would you describe what you do?
KT: Kevin Thai’s a Fashion Consultant Designing Studio. We provide  a complete designing package from the initial concept direction through product development.

We give trend and forecasting activities, illustration and flat sketches, for all categories including Outerwear, Leather, Wool, Denim, and Woven Shirt. The service includes: concept boards, color story, trims and fabrics selection, sku planning, and preliminary illustrations, creating technical sheets, size specifications and technical drawings.

We are able to work in different styles and different segments such as casual wear, active sportswear, life-style sportswear and down town fashion.

Why did you choose to be a designer?
KT: My passion for Fashion began when I was in my freshman year in High School. I was always very conscious of I was wearing or what other people are wearing. I also liked to read a lot of fashion magazines, and couldn’t have enough of Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN. I got tips from there and mixed it up with my personal style. So when I graduated from High School I decided to move to New York to pursue my career in the Fashion Industry. At the time I didn’t know if I could be a Designer. So I started out with studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising at FIT. Then I realized that I could sketch very well and had a great sense of color and fabric. I quickly transferred to Parsons School of Design for a major in Fashion Design and the rest is history. So, I will definitely stay with fashion always! It’s my passion and I love it.

Best/Most Challenging part of your job?
KT: The best part of being a Fashion Designer, for me, is being able to see something that starts as just an idea or a sketch and turning that into a full functional, living and breathing identity for your clients. It’s like having a baby and seeing it grow before your eyes. There’s nothing better than completing the job and moving on to the next one, and later receiving a follow up from those clients saying how much they love it.


What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your career?
KT: Fashion designers should also be able to handle long hours, both on and off their feet. There are almost always long nights associated with fashion design when there are fashion shows and events to attend. You want to have thick skin and be able to accept criticism.

What advice would you give to young designers?
KT: A fashion designer should always be looking toward the future and figuring out what the next big style is going to be. It is also important for fashion designers to have a good sense of business and marketing. This is because you may need to be able to pitch your ideas, figure out what the market wants, and deliver fashion pieces that are right for your clients and your market.


Learn more about Kevin at StylePortfolios.com and on www.kevinthai.com

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