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Listen to Chris Kidd, the founder of, on the Successful Fashion Designer podcast with host, Sew Heidi…

It’s a summer of your favorite episodes! This episode, which originally aired June 12, 2017, was nominated as one listeners loved!
In this episode I’m chatting with Chris Kidd, founder of Style Careers, the largest fashion only job listing site. With inside access to fashion industry employers and exposure to job seekers at their career fairs, Chris has learned what works – and what doesn’t – in the job hunting process. We discussed the importance of presenting yourself as a modern candidate, what sectors of the industry are booming, and the most important information to include on your resume.
You will learn: What the first inch of your resume must include to catch the employer’s attention What parts of the industry are dying, and what parts are booming Guidance for young job seekers and advice for breaking into the industry Advice for older job seekers to stay up to date and relevant The importance of taking risks How fashion is competing with other “must have” items and why designers need to be aware of this Why the fashion industry is in a rut and what designers need to do to break out of it Guest Info & Resources: Style Careers job search site Style Portfolios Fashion Career Fairs Style Dispatch for industry news Fashion Retail job search site Enjoy the show? You can help us out by: Rating us on iTunes – it really helps! Subscribing on iTunes – I appreciate each and every one of you!

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Chris Kidd is the owner of,,, and

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