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Recruiter Interview – Hillary Ephraim

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HE Interview Photo 2How did you get into Fashion & Beauty Recruiting?
I originally got into recruitment after college working for a non-profit as a recruitment manager and a private college counselor as well! I loved helping students get into their dream school! The coaching aspect and excitement of finding the perfect match led me to my role in Recruitment with Chanel. I loved the fast paced world of fashion and eventually moved to the agency side and started at Solomon Page Fashion & Beauty.

What do love most about recruiting?
The coaching aspect. I love being a part of the candidate’s process of making the next step in their career, whether it is the first step or the fifth. I really enjoy the strategic planning for creating a meaningful and effective job search. Working at an agency allows me to connect more candidates with opportunities.

What do you think makes fashion recruiting different from other industries?
Fashion is fast-paced. Opportunities and talent move quickly. Knowing your candidates and clients is key for navigating the many nuances of positions within the industry.

What is the biggest misconception about agency recruiters?
The biggest misconception about agency recruiters is that they only want to fill jobs and they don’t care about what the candidate wants. In reality, I consider myself a job coach and truly do my best to support my candidates in their search while keeping my client’s needs in mind. It’s all about finding the balance!

Tell us about your day to day as a freelance fashion recruiter.
Every day is different, that’s what makes my job exciting! I get to meet new candidates on a daily basis and continue to build trust and relationships with clients.

What is the biggest challenge and biggest reward about being a recruiter?
To match the right candidate to the right job!  It can sometimes be challenging to keep both the client and the candidates happy, but when we are successful, it is such a rewarding feeling.

What are the benefits for a job seeker of working with a recruiting agency?
There are tons of benefits! We have access to multiple opportunities at top companies that our candidates may not have access to. Our clients trust that a team like Solomon Page Fashion and Beauty has vetted each candidate because we have coached them to be the most marketable candidate for the job we’re submitting them to. Lastly, it is great for candidates to have someone in their corner, guiding them through the process.

What should job seekers know about your job as a recruiter?
We are here to help you. We keep our eye on the marketplace but job influx is out of our control. Our ultimate goal is to get candidates an amazing opportunity at a top company that will grow their work experience.

Do have any tips you give candidates for interview prepping?
My advice would be:

  1. Do your homework and know the brand.
  2. Create two questions that demonstrate your knowledge of the position and an understanding of what the role is asking for.

freelance to hire imageThis is Fashion – what is your go to interview outfit?
Professional, Timeless and Chic! Keep it simple and fashion forward.

What types of fashion industry positions do you recruit for? Do you have any favorites?
We work on positions from concept of the product to the selling of it on the retail floor and everything in between. Some examples include: design, merchandising, marketing, PR, allocation etc. I really love working on cross-functional roles because it allows a candidate to diversify their work experience and grow as a professional.

What are the benefits of freelance?
Freelance often gives an opportunity for candidates to get their foot in the door of a major company. Freelance allows you to try out a company and ultimately find your home. For clients, this option allows them to get amazing talent-fast!

Final Thoughts?
I love what I do! Being a part of the process and seeing someone find success in their chosen career makes it all worth it!

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