The 5 Most Important Things to Include in Your Resume

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Your resume undoubtedly gives an employer a preview of who you are and the experience that you carry. Communicating and condensing your skills and experiences can be difficult so what you include is extremely important! 

When crafting your resume, reach out to one of our recruiters who can help you edit your resume or include these five important features that will make you stand out as a candidate. 

1. Contact Information

Before you start highlighting your work experience and knowledge be sure that the employer knows how to get in touch with you and can see where you are located. Be sure to include your full name, city/state, email address and your phone number. Make sure there are no spelling errors in your email and that your phone number is your most recent one.

2. Education

This sometimes can seem like a grey area on whether it is relevant or not. We have always said, air on the side of caution- Include the name of your school, its location, the degree you have obtained (or will obtain), and your graduation year (past, present or future.)

The importance or requirement of education will vary based on job categories, industry, and length of time out of school! The majority of jobs will require some type of education, but as your career progresses it can more often than not, be listed at the bottom of your resume. 

3. Professional Experience 

This should take up the majority of your resume, and for good reason! Your past and current experience gives recruiters and hiring managers a glimpse into your career path and skill sets. Be sure to speak to the most important roles you took on within each job and tailor your responsibilities to speak to the job spec you are applying to. 

4. Job Description Keywords

Recruiters search for candidates based on keywords on their LinkedIn profiles and they do the same when they shuffle through resumes. Including keywords naturally throughout your resume that are featured in the job posting(s) you’re applying to can send you to the top of the recruiter’s candidate list. Keywords set your resume apart because they make you easier to find and appear more relevant or accurate for the job. 

5. Skills and Programs

We live in a time where each and every industry and company are continually evolving. It is important to highlight key programs and skills that you have to show the experience and knowledge you possess within and around your field. Excellent on excel? Proficient at taking photos? Photoshop and Illustrator expert? Let the company and our recruiters know! We also recommend highlighting personal skills, hobbies and passions. Anything to separate yourself from a crowded field is important. 


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