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Exiting Your Current Position in a Professional Manner

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Leaving your current position can go one of many ways. Ultimately, it can be an incredibly smooth process or one that can hinder your professional reputation if it isn’t done gracefully.

Here are some steps you should take before leaving your current position to make the process be a seamless one.

Disclosing that you will be leaving

You don’t need to memorize a fancy speech, but you do need to be able to give your current employer a rundown on why you are leaving and what your timeline looks like.

It is especially important that you tell certain people before others and that you do it at least two weeks in advance. The two-week rule isn’t applicable in every state or in every company but it shows that your willing to give them enough time to process your exit and time to start the process for onboarding someone to take over your role.

Be sure to hit these points when you initially tell your boss you will be resigning:

  • When will you be leaving the company (provide a specific date.)
  • Express your gratitude for the opportunity you were given by your current employer.
  • Offer to help with the transition of a new candidate into your role, or for a future candidate.

Provide a Resignation Letter

Resignation letters are often times mandatory. They are for human resources to have in their records and should be provided after you have announced your resignation from the company.

These don’t have to be long and complicated- try to highlight the positives of your current job and offer some gratitude for what you have learned. You don’t have to tell your employer where you’re going to be working, but you know the company you are working for best, provide what you feel will offer the smoothest and most positive response.

Expect people to react

When the word gets out, expect reactions from colleagues. It is best to write a positive email to your colleagues a few days prior to your last with a sincere note about your time at the company. By doing this you are keeping your network strong and leaving your colleagues with a positive memory of you.

Maintain a positive attitude

Try to maintain the same behavior until leaving. There is no need to get lazy, turn up to work late or have a negative attitude to colleagues. Act the way you always do and provide the company with a smooth and helpful transition as you leave your role. Remember, you could come back one day asking for a recommendation and if applicable, their services/product(s) or even for a job.


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