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For the week of January 27th, 2020, we have posts on…

…Going over your boss’s head
…Quitting to double your salary
…Using all of your vacation days
…Sexually harassed at work
…Fashion industry Side Hustle data

Is it ever OK to go over your boss’s head?

For the most part, going over your boss’s head is deeply ill-advised. Is there ever a situation in which it’s the right thing to do? How important is the chain of command in your workplace? In today’s shifting landscape, professional hierarchies themselves are become obsolete, but is it still a faux pas to go over your boss’s head?

Why switching jobs is the fastest path to doubling your salary

The average American gets a raise of about 3-5% a year. Your specific situation may be more or less, but on average this is what a working American will get. Getting raises is always welcome, but over time it means you are getting underpaid.

Do You Use All Your Vacation Days?

Americans suck at taking time off work-even when it’s offered, and even when it’s paid for. And then when we do go, most of us find it hard to fully unplug while we’re supposedly “away.” A Glassdoor survey has found that the average U.S.

What to Do if You Believe You Have Been Harassed at Work

1) If you feel comfortable doing so, tell the person who is harassing you to stop. 2) If you do not feel comfortable confronting the harasser directly, or if the behavior does not stop, follow the steps below: Check to see if your employer has an anti-harassment policy.

Fashion Industry Side Hustles – StyleDispatch

We recently conducted a survey of fashion industry professionals’ Side Hustles. With over 400 responses, here’s what we found: Do you have a Side Hustle? According to a recent Yahoo Finance survey, roughly 50% of all Americans have some sort of side hustle. According to the Side Hustle survey, 79.5% of fashion industry professionals …

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