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For the week of November 18th, 2019, we have posts on why you aren’t getting job interviews, searching for a job in a strong economy, asking for a raise, and reasons Boomer are good for business…

The Real Reason You’re Not Getting Job Interviews

I know how frustrated you feel when you check your email 103 times only to later discover that the company decided to go with another candidate. The problem isn’t that you’re not good enough, you’re just doing a couple of things wrong.

The Unfortunate Reason Why Job Search in a Good Economy Is 2x Harder Than in a Bad One

Finding a job can take longer and be more competitive in times of lower unemployment. The unemployment rate was announced today at 4.2 percent, that’s a 16-year low. Studies show this should create some concern since historically, when unemployment stays under 5 percent for an extended period of time, a recession is not far behind.

What’s the Best Way to Ask for a Raise?

You know you’ve been killing it at your new job. So a raise is probably coming your way soon, right? Not necessarily. Even if your boss recognizes your accomplishments, she probably isn’t going to hand you more cash just like that. If you want a raise, you’ve got to ask for one.

This Question Will Help You Determine If It’s Time for a New Job – StyleDispatch

Now that fall is in full swing, most of us are back to our regular work routines. But not all of us are ready to accept the end of summer. Simply put, summer can serve as a welcome distraction from a dissatisfying career. When the weather gets cooler and the after-work activities die down, it …

Hiring for Diversity: 6 Reasons Baby Boomers are Great for Business

When you hear “hiring for diversity,” you likely think about efforts to hire more female employees, or members of underrepresented minority groups. Another important way to diversify your team, though, is through age. Much has been made of millennials in…

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